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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Laser Hair Reduction

What is a laser?

How does laser hair reduction work?


What is photorejuvination?

What are the indications for photorejuvination?

Microdermabrasion/ skin polishing/ scar reduction

What is skin polishing?

In which skin conditions is skin polishing advised?

Will facial scrubs provide the same results?

Is there a danger of over exfoliation of the skin?

Are the aluminium oxide crystals used harmful for my skin ?

I have a good skin, why should I polish my skin?

Acne & scar reducing peels/GLYCOLIC PEEL

What is a glycolic peel and its types?

What are the indications for glycolic peel?

How does a glycolic peel work?

How does it help as an antiageing measure?

Biphasic Peeling system for pigmentation & photoageing

What is a Biphasic peel ?

What are the first phase ingredients?

How does the second phase work?

Radiofrequency( skintag & wart removal)

What are Warts?

How can they be treated?

Can Warts recur?

Under eye dark circle reduction

What type of peel can be used in under eye area?

How does it work?

Non surgical face lift/MICROCURRENT

What is microcurrent? How does it work?

If I do not take regular services will my muscle tone become worse?


What Is Botox?

How does it act?

How much time required?

Will I look worse if I do not repeat the session ?

Where all can Botox be used?

Is it habit forming?


What are fillers and how do they help?

Where all can fillers be used to improve upon the appearance ?

How much time does the procedure take?

Dermaroller Treatment

What is Dermaroller treatment?

How long will the entire treatment take?

Why should I go for DERMAROLLER and not other treatments?

Does it have any side effects?

What are the other applications for dermaroller ?


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