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Laser Skin Treatment for Pigmented Lesions using Q-Switched Laser

Laser Skin treatment for Pigmented Lesions using Q-Switched Laser

hyperpigmentation Dr. Rachna Mittal’s Skin and cosmetology clinic is proud to launch Laser Skin treatment for Pigmented Lesions using Q-Switched Laser.

Q Switched lasers are one of the most advanced lasers used in skin pigmentation related treatments.It is used in various procedures including:

  • Treatment of Superficial Lesions
    • Lentigenes, freckles, moles
    • Café-au- lait macules  ( light brown birth mark)
  • Treatment of deep dermal Lesions
    • Nevus of Ota & Ito (  dark patch on one side of the face)
    • Beckers nevus ( pigmented hairy patch on the shoulder)
    • Drug induced pigmentation ( side effect of medicines)
  • Treatment of mixed Lesions
    • Under eye pigmentation
    • Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation ( dark patches persisting after injury or surgical procedure)
    • Melasma ( dark patches seen on  both cheeks esp in females , also called blemishes)
    • Nevus Spilus ( birth mark with a mole in the centre)
  • Laser Facial
    • This is a quick facial rejuvenation done 2-3 days prior to an occasion. It leads to textural improvement & an instant Glow.
  • Tattoo removal
    • The Tattoo or other pigmentation will be removed without damage to normal tissue.

What is Q-switched laser and how does it work?

The Q switched Nd:Yag laser is a  high energy , short pulsed (10-20 nanoseconds) laser .The energy of Q-switched Nd: YAG laser can be absorbed by the blue & black pigment in the skin lesion Or tattoo .The pigment will be fragmented so small that it can be disposed off by the body’s immune system .
The laser has the option of two wavelengths in one machine, these are: 532nm and 1064nm Nd:YAG.  These wavelengths add flexibility to the treatment options for tattoo as well as for the skin blemishes and lesions that the Q-Switch Laser has been engineered to remove.
Skin and cosmetology Clinic has chosen the Q-Switch Laser for its proven effectiveness arising from the combination of high power and nanosecond pulses that deliver peak energy to the epidermis & dermis faster than the normal relaxation time of the tissue. The result is a safe, effective way to control the laser energy and safely achieve desired results.

Expected Results from Q Switched Laser

Superficial lesions like freckles & lentigenes usually respond within 1-3 sessions. Deeper lesions may take 5-12 sessions. Laser treatment for tattoo may require 2-20 sessions depending upon its size & color.

Patch test can be done for deep lesions, large Tattoos & in all apprehensive patients.

For more information on the treatment and its cost email or call us at Dr. Rachna Mittal’s Skin and Cosmetology Clinic.

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